E & H in Front of the Lens

We are most comfortable behind the camera or in front of our computers, but on a lovely Maine fall day we stepped outside of our comfort zones and finally had some new business photos taken in Portland, Maine by the talented Gretchen Powers. As business sisters, one of our favorite things to do is meet for creative coffee sessions. We…

The Big Fake Wedding – Willowdale Estate

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words: “Bridal Show”? We immediately picture a town hall lined with 6 foot banquet tables, vendor after endless vendor, fighting for the clients’ attention and 1,000+ business cards jammed into a small plastic bag which will most likely be tossed into the trash or if you’re Ellen…..

Best of Friends | Augusta Arboretum

My first memories in life…I see a terribly ugly carpet, broken crayons in a red basket with holes far too large to have the job of holding crayons or markers that have lost their caps. My hands have the imprint of the carpet and my sisters tongue is sticking out with concentration. My Poky Little Puppy is perfectly colored and…