A Review of Rescue Flats + 20% Off

When you are planning a wedding, there is so much detail that gets put in to each and every aspect. You are planning this day, this event and in reality: an experience. Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable and fun for themselves and their guests. You choose your favorite venue, taste the food, shop for the best invitations, look for the best DJ. You read hundreds of reviews on photographers and shop for the perfect dress. My greatest hope for my wedding day was for everyone to be able to look back on the day and say WOW that was fun! Something that my husband and I focused on was the reception. We wanted the dance floor packed, all night long. We wanted the best songs playing, fun lighting and a true celebration. The reception is in-fact the “grand finale” of your wedding.

When you go to a wedding, you dress your best and not necessarily for comfort. Knowing this fact I found a solution to keeping my guests on the dance floor: Rescue Flats. Rescue Flats are elegantly simple, uber-comfy foldable flats that come in a super chic display box to have at your wedding (or any event with dancing). These flats say “Thank you for coming” and “Let’s dance!”. Nothing kills the mood to move to the beat faster than unhappy feet. My guests raved over their Rescue Flats and the gold matched the accent color of the wedding. They come in gold, slate, lavender, black and a newly launched blush pink, silver & champagne for Spring 2017 so that you can choose the best color for your event. Each pair of flats comes with a drawstring bag for your guest to tuck their high heels into and easily carry home. Each pair of 2017 Rescue Flats now includes an adorable and inspiring dance quote bound to get your guests on the dance floor! Your box comes with assorted sizes each wrapped with a black satin ribbon for a chic polished presentation. Shop here>

Do a little ‘happy dance’ because our readers get an exclusive 20% off by using the code: eandhcreates upon checkout

Photography by Savanah Loftus Photography