E & H in Front of the Lens

We are most comfortable behind the camera or in front of our computers, but on a lovely Maine fall day we stepped outside of our comfort zones and finally had some new business photos taken in Portland, Maine by the talented Gretchen Powers.

As business sisters, one of our favorite things to do is meet for creative coffee sessions. We aren’t sure if it’s the intake of caffeine or what, but the magic just always seems to start flowing! To begin our session, we met Gretchen at Arabica Coffee on Commercial Street and she captured us in our caffeine-fueled-creative-zone.

While at Arabica, we were able to sit and talk with Gretchen for a few minutes. We have followed her work for quite some time on social media and developed a serious creative crush. It was a delight to finally meet her in person and bounce creative ideas off of one another. Somehow, she was even more lovely than we ever imagined! Next, we headed outdoors for some pictures and portraits. Que anxiety here. Or, is that the extra caffeine?           View More:

The last time we had professional photos taken was back in 2010 when we started E&H Creates.  Our business has grown and evolved so much over the past six years – as have we! From babies to weddings to moving, we feel blessed to have our creative business, but even more so each other. We truly enjoy this beautiful creative ride and thank-you all for your endless support. We are excited for the road ahead.